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A unique

Carré Technologies offers a unique expertise in audio, video and biomedical signal processing, algorithm design, and machine learning algorithms for consumer products, medical devices and sensors. Contact our team to learn how we could help you develop a product that works.

Your R&D ressource

Carré Technologies provides R&D consulting services at different levels: R&D planning, independent technological and scientific advice, technical training, testing, and custom software development. If you are a Canadian corporation, we can get you pre-approved by the Canadian Revenue Agency and write your research reports to obtain R&D tax credits from the Canadian SR&ED Tax Incentive Program.


  • Audio, Video and Biosignals Analysis Algorithms
  • Sensors, Biosensors
  • Data mining
  • Circuit Design (analog/digital) and PCB Design
  • Microcontroller / FPGA
  • Bluetooth / Zigbee / 802.11 / USB
  • Web / Telecommunications / SQL Database
  • iPhone and iPod Mobile Software